Foto: Ist-Zustand ohne Interim Management von Dr. HÖBEL INTERIM MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING®Foto: Soll-Zustand mit Interim Management von Dr. HÖBEL INTERIM MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING®

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Heillos überarbeitet wegen Personal-Mangels oder eine schlagkräftige Unterstützung mit der Sie Ihre Business Ziele erreichen können? Mit Dr. HÖBEL INTERIM MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING® gibt es eine neue Alternative, einfach und schnell externe Erfahrung in Ihr Team zu holen.
Jede Führungskraft kennt das nämlich: Lücken im Team entstehen schnell. Nicht immer kann man sie auch rasch schließen. Interim Management und Business Consulting mit Dr. HÖBEL INTERIM MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING® hilft Ihnen als Führungskraft, trotzdem ihre Zielvorgaben zu erreichen.
Wir als Dr. HÖBEL INTERIM MANAGEMENT & CONSULTING® unterstützen Unternehmen der Pharma-, Biotech– und Medtech-Industrie mit unserer langjährigen Erfahrung im Bereich Marketing, Vertrieb und Business Development. Gerne informieren wir Sie über die Vorteile einer Zusammenarbeit mit uns als Interim Manager oder als Business Consultant.

Erfahrungen aus gemeinsamen Projekten mit uns

Bild zu Referenz Mag. Patricia Nick
Bernhard and I worked together on different projects at Novartis Austria. He supported our brand team in a highly efficient way, bringing in new and very valuable ideas and helped us to reach a higher motivation in the team which also led to higher sales. He has a great hands-on mentality and is 100% committed. Bernhard added value to the entire organisation. I really hope we can collaborate on new projects again soon!
Bernhard Hoebel is a highly qualified professional with excellent long term expertise in the pharmaceutical industry. This implies life cycle management for products across all therapeutic areas. He developed a comprehensive value dossier and customized responses for medical information queries related to an oncological product anticipating approval in the near term. The cooperation has been intense with high quality deliverables always presented in time.
Bild zu Referenz Mag. Andreas Kosik
Bernhard’s great experience in oncology, his wide scientific background, his high ambitious attitude and his wide spread skills in Marketing and planning helped us a lot to compile and develop the marketing strategy/plan for a launch product in a very short time period; by the way he is a very smart and nice guy to work together :-)
Foto zu Referenz MMag. Reinhard Moschitz
Bernhard joined us as an interim manager during challenging times of change. He supported us during the year of the integration of the acquired GSK oncology portfolio.
I was appointed project manager for the GSK integration which took up most of my resources. This let us to hire Bernhard as an interim manager. He supported the solid tumor marketing team for 9 months. For the first 6 months he worked as brand manager on Afinitor in breast cancer. Together with the whole team he managed to bring Afinitor back to growth. The following 3 months he worked as brand leader RCC on Votrient and Afinitor in renal cell carcinoma. He was a key driver in the positioning of our new RCC portfolio. Bernhard contributed through his excellent work to a successful integration of the GSK oncology business and he led the teams to improve the performance of two of our biggest brands.
I can recommend him warmly as interim manager in pharma marketing.
Foto zu Referenz Dr. Ulrik Gram
Over a period of six months, Bernhard supported one of our teams ad interim. Bernhard quickly identified opportunities for the team and worked with high diligence and focus on agreed deliverables.
Bernhard made a number of constructive suggestions and during the time with us and his previous experience in pharma was very helpful.
If you are looking for an interim support for a shorter or longer period of time, I can highly recommend Bernhard.
Bild zu Referenz Marian Van De Burgt
Bernhard is a great person to work with. He combines a high knowledge level combined with a focused approach, resulting in effective achievements. Bernhard is persistent and really understands the Oncology business.
Bild zu Referenz Dr. Klaus Feldmann
I know Bernhard as a very committed & engaged marketer with a strong judgement on business decisions. Combining in-depth market understanding/knowledge with strategic thinking allows him to impact the business. His proactive & collaborative style makes working with him as easy as efficient.

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